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Toffee Bon Bons

Made with an ever so generous dusting of snowy coloured icing sugar with a chewy toffee centre beneath. Definitely a sweet that it's easy to eat too many of.

99p per 125g


Midget Gems

These chewy "fruity and firm" little favourites are quite similar but smaller than wine gums and the black ones really do taste of liquorice.

99p per 125g


Pineapple Cubes

Or sometimes referrred to as pineapple chunks, but there's no mistaking the pleasantly sweet mouth watering flavour of pineapple in these sugar coated chunks of joy.

99p per 125g


ABC Letters

The educational sweet! Hard fruit flavoured candy sweets. Almost complete enough to play Scrabble with!

99p per 125g



Aniseed Twist

Our ever popular wrapped aniseed flavour boiled sweets are sometimes mistaken for cough candy on the shop shelves but these ones really do come with a "twist".

99p per 125g


Mini Eggs

Moreish mini eggs! These come to your door as solid milk chocolate mini eggs encased with a thin crunchy candy coating of speckled crispy sugar candy! Often sold for children's parties or as wedding favours so be sure to e mail us at for a bulk purchase special price.

99p per 125g


Small Gobstoppers

Each of these gobstoppers is about 20 mm wide and they do of course need less explanation than some of our sweets. Our friends in the West refer to these ever changing layers of fruit coloured candy as Jawbreakers and they are here to give parents and guardians alike some deserved peace and quiet at not too great a cost.

99p per 125g


Chocolate Eclairs

Naturally Cadbury's, so the combination of soft chewy toffee and a milk chocolate centre hidden inside really is a partnership made in heaven. Chocolate Eclairs were introduced by Cadbury's in the 1960s so are most definitely a little taste of rich and creamy nostalgia.

99p per 125g


Rhubarb and Custard

Probably our best selling boiled sweet, these pink and yellow sugar dusted sweet combinations offer an ideal balance of taste sensations. One of the all time great retro sweets and pretty difficult to eat just the one, even though you're sucking away for ages!

99p per 125g


Rosy Apples

A classic traditional apple flavoured sweet with a dusting of sugar and these tasty little offerings are sharp, sweet and sour almost all at the same time. They certainly make your cheeks rosy and the overall flavour is definitely apple.

99p per 125g


Cola Cubes

Cola Cubes or Kola Cubes are probably the ultimate nostalgia sweet product and they've only been around since the 1980s! Mouth watering cola flavoured chunks with an exterior layer of encrusted sugar to help along that long car journey or intensive study programme. Share a few around!

99p per 125g


Fizzy Cola Bottles

In 2009 fizzy cola bottles were revealed to be the nation's all time favourite sweet and these cola flavoured jellies, shaped like cola bottles and covered in sugar certainly leave an impression and quite a fizz in your mouth. Always one of our best sellers.

99p per 125g


Strawberry Bon Bons

Our bon bons are also available in toffee, apple, lemon, blackcurrant or all mixed together. Our best selling strawberry flavoured pink bon bons are sugar dusted and have a soft chewy toffee centre. Another classic best selling line.

99p per 125g


Liquorice Torpedoes

These are the extra large version of their daintier sidekicks - the equally popular liquorice comfits. They make great tasting crunchy chewy shapes with a liquorice centre surrounded by a colouful crisp outer sugar coating.

99p per 125g


Clove Drops

We have always thought that these individually wrapped sweets with the healing and distinctive aroma of cloves were much more an adult's sweet than many we sell. They're certainly very traditional and in one form or another have been around since the 19th century, since when such boiled sweet recipes have changed very little. It was in the 1800s that sugar from the West Indies became plentiful in Britain and this allowed familes to experiment by sweet making in their homes. Clove drops - delicious to the connoiseur but not for the faint hearted.

99p per 125g



Mint Humbugs

Quality British brown striped lozenge shaped mint humbugs which have been individually wrapped. They're soft to the centre and scrumptious to the taste. Another top selling classic to suck, share and ponder your next purchase over.

99p per 125g



Sweet Peanuts

Our sweets peanuts have a cracknel centre and unmistakable shape. They're nutty but sweet and come with a sugar coating. Often commented upon with the words "I haven't seen those in ages".

99p per 125g



Cola Bottles

Another welcome blast from the past and these are not the fizzy variety that we sell but the equally sought after cola tasting mini jelly type which have always been a firm favourite with our younger customers.

99p per 125g



Barley Sugar

Ahhh....barley sugar. Another old fashioned classic which has certainly stood the test of time. Your great grandparents probably tasted the soothing sweet country taste of barley sugar and could have told you stories about these. We sell lots in our shops to coach party passengers and they supposedly combat travel sickness, which is perhaps why. Individually wrapped and of the finest quality so grab a few hundred grammes!

99p per 125g



Large Pear Drops

Fruit flavoured sugar encrusted pink and yellow pear shaped and flavoured boiled sweets. These have been especially designed for customers with a larger mouth, although we do of course also sell the smaller variety. But why are these ones so much more popular?

99p per








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